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The service provided by Overseek was simply amazing. The team helped me improve on my CV, advertise my skills in the right way and actually get a job at an organization I had been aspiring to work for!

Donna Edwin

I loved the Overseek mobile app and their services in general. The company was supportive and the app was very easy to use. I didn’t realize how much professional value I possessed until I worked with these guys!

Derrick Ward

I always work closely with Overseek when I need to address my client’s staffing needs. In my time working with them, they have consistently delivered on top-notch industry talent helping me build strong and competent organizational teams.

Robert Olson
HR Specialist

How Overseek Helps You Build Your Workforce?

Being a blue-ribbon employment website, Overseek has been continuously emerging as an asset to employers. With our unique recruitment strategies combined with Video CV option, we’ve been successful in revolutionising traditional recruitment procedures.

Saving valuable time and money, our unique Video CV feature allows the employer to have a thorough insight into the candidate’s suitability. This, in turn, gives a much clearer depiction of what each potential employee is capable of.